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NiceOdrip Coffee Preparation Guide:
1.    Put the coffee filter firmly on top of a mug or used a cup adaptor if necessary.
2.    Tear and separate ground coffee pack and creamer-sugar mix pack
3.    Tear ground coffee pack and place its content into the filtercup.
4.    Pour hot water (boiled or from hot water dispenser) onto it until it reaches almost to the mouth or lips
       of the coffee filter cup.
5.    Wait until the coffee to drip down.
6.    Pour hot water one more time if necessary to fill it up
7.    Take out the filtercup from the mug and discard it. Tap a few times if nec   essary to drain.
8.    Tear and pour enough creamer-sugar mix into the mug.(as desired)
9.    Enjoy a cup of Instant “Real” Coffee.